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    Completing the installation of KONIG aluminum and glass door system for Villa Tam Dao

    Investors always want to clearly show their own personality, aesthetics or private space, the best balance and symmetry in each project. KONIG aluminum and glass door products are a small part of making the project more perfect.

    Panorama of Villa Tam Dao

    Known as the Da Lat of the North with its misty mist and chilly weather, Tam Dao is a favorite “escape” place for many travel followers, the first choice for a short getaway. After a busy day with work and family.

    Tam Dao weather is mild all year round, with the average temperature always lower than Hanoi, you will experience 4 seasons in one day: with dense fog in the early morning, midday sun, cool autumn afternoon and evening. cold winter. It is because of such interesting and satisfying weather that the Investor has chosen this place as the place to build a resort Villa.

    Let’s take a look at this special and beautiful project with KONIG:

    Villa has a separate design, modern but also close to nature

    Villa’s courtyard space uses aluminum and glass doors for most of the area and a large lake is the most prominent highlight

    Panoramic view of Villa from 2nd floor

    Aluminum and glass doors inside and wooden doors outside are also a special feature of Villa

    In addition to using sliding glass doors and aluminum doors, the minimalist interior gives the office a spacious space and is filled with natural light.

    The bedroom space is also optimized for furniture

    Spacious bathroom space combined with aluminum and glass doors that open up

    Symmetry is expressed through elements from doors, colors, wall panels, balconies … or with the large campus, exterior design and garden, wonderful natural scenery is the attraction of Villa.

    KONIG aluminum and glass doors contribute to sophistication, being the junction of the interference between the old and the new, keeping the rustic and modern features. The overall interior of the Villa is designed in 2 main colors, accented with details and wooden products to create warmth, harmony and closeness to nature that anyone who comes here always feels relaxed. gentle, gentle.

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