JH109 is an external window system with opening types: Open rotate, open A-shaped, or at it can open 2 options at the same time, ensuring the maximum used area for space. Doors with thermal break reduce the heat transfer load through the aluminum bar surface, thus increasing good thermal insulation. The whole system uses high quality HDPE gaskets, good sealing is also a prominent feature of JH109.

The swinging and rotating window systems are manufactured on modern lines of the Federal Republic of Germany and fully meet European standards, so the door is sturdy, smooth in operation, and can be bent to create shaped in different architectures.


Thermal breakYes
Glass15A – 27A
Exterior visible width60 mm x 110 mm
Interior visible width61 mm x 76 mm
Max. dimensions Width x Height1000 mm x 2200 mm
Screen door with rigid and soft compositionsYes
Thermal insulationUf 1,7W/m2 K
Water tightness (EN 12208)Class 9A
Air permeability (EN 12207)Class 4
Wind load resistance (EN 12210)Class 4


  • With the design of the window opening up, it helps to avoid strong winds and strong impacts and at the same time can still be used when it rains heavily. With an open design, it helps to take in all the sunlight and natural wind to bring ventilation to the room.
  • Glass box with large vacuum (Up to 27mm) and Profile bar with thermal break offer the effective soundproof and heat insulation.
  • Our doors apply special coating technology to increase a product’s lifespan as well as an aesthetic of the projecy. Featured with high-end accessories designed and manufactured by SI Aubi, HOPPE (Germany), the product is operated smoothly and durable.
  • By avoiding the impact of heat from the outside, the amount of electricity for air conditioners is reduced, improving economic efficiency.
  • Diverse dimensions that are suitable for many different architectural styles
  • It integrates with a soft and lightweight mesh
  • Thanks to its simple structure and new technology electrostatic coating, it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Guarantee: 5-year guarantee