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    KONIG aluminum door project at Chuong Tailor villa 28 Cua Bac in the heart of Hanoi

    Chuong Tailor is a successful businessman, owner of a luxury vest brand and a cult designer. Chuong Tailor Villa is located on Cua Bac street, right in the heart of Hanoi capital..

    The overall architectural space of Chuong Tailor Villa 28 Cua Bac

    Scale of Chuong Tailor Villa 28 Cua Bac

    Investor: The owner of the famous vest brand “Chuong Tailor”
    Project scale: including 10 floors
    – 1st – 2nd floor: exhibition area and office.
    – 3rd – 10th floor: block of rooms and common activities.

    Royal Villa in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter

    Besides impressing with modern and luxurious Western suits, the lifestyle of the owner “Chuong Tailor” also makes many people admire when he owns a huge fortune.

    The showroom space on the first floor shows the extraordinary architectural beauty of the villa

    A miniature Europe in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter

    Chuong Tailor Villa 28 Cua Bac has a 9m wide frontage with a total area of 120m2 designed in royal style, a cross between English – Italian – French art. With the mindset of a fashionista, he brings meticulousness and high-end requirements to his own living space.

    Interior design has a royal breath

    From the exterior to the interior, everything has a royal breath. Each line is soft, delicate and meticulous, exuding a fashion mark from the first sight. 

    Interior products at Chuong Tailor villa are upholstered with high-quality fabrics and leather, the materials used to produce furniture here are outstanding natural Ash wood combined with Ash veneer.

    KONIG aluminum door combines Western royal style 

    With the desire to be a miniature Europe with the interference of English – Italian – French art in the heart of Hanoi, therefore, the investment in furniture is always carefully considered by the investor. 

    Curved lines are part of the outstanding feature of the glass door system.

    The highlight of KONIG’s aluminum glass door system at Chuong Tailor villa is a 2-layer curved tempered glass system with large vacuum and profile bar with insulation bridge providing good sound and heat insulation.



    The investor always spends time relaxing by the Koi fish tank built right on the balcony of the villa 

    KONIG’s aluminum doors are manufactured on modern lines of the Federal Republic of Germany, because according to European standards, the doors are firm and operate smoothly. 

    Contact for aluminum door construction contractor KONIG

    Receiving the trust of Mr. Chuong, Hung Long Trading and Service Joint Stock Company (KONIG) was honored to be the contractor for the door construction for the villa.

    With a wealth of experience, KONIG Aluminum Door wishes to contribute to bringing an architectural work that both shows the spirit and thought that the investor is aiming for as well as brings the most unique personal identity to create a European Europe in miniature in the heart of Hanoi.

    Contact us: 0981.088.066 for the fastest advice and quote for the construction of KONIG aluminum doors.


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