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    KONIG aluminum glass doors in neoclassical villas Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien – Hanoi

    The neoclassical villa, KONIG has constructed a system of aluminum glass doors located in the Vinhomes Riverside, is a high-class urban area in Long Bien – Hanoi, a prosperous place to live with a romantic breath and harmonious beauty, with nature in the style of the Italian riverside city of Venice in Hanoi.

    Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien neoclassical villa

    Introduction to Vinhomes Riverside neoclassical villa

    Bang Lang villa area – the location of the project, is the most luxurious villa area in Vinhomes Riverside with 60% of the area is green trees and water surface, also the area with the best security with 24/7 at each villa. 

    KONIG aluminum doors and neoclassical architecture

    Architecture in addition to the basic features is still innovated over time and the solution of replacing natural wood materials with aluminum and glass, also more widely used by architects today. 

    Impressive images of the project at Vinhomes Riverside 

    Emphasising on balance, symmetry, use of columns, sophisticated decorative details on the doors, moldings and windows, the villa really impresses the viewer from the point of view. 

    KONIG aluminum doors make large apertures thanks to outstanding advantages 

    With KONIG aluminum doors, architects can completely design glass doors with wide apertures that conventional aluminum materials could not do before. This glass door solution helps to create a more beautiful view for the villa.

    The curved dome is a decorative highlight

    Neoclassical style always favors round arch shapes, soft arcs with tight rules, open spaces and glass doors that make full use of natural light. 

    The aluminum glass door system makes the interior architecture more attractive 

    In addition, with wide arched arches, balconies are built in the light so that light flows throughout the house or gardens are decorated with elegant European-style miniatures. 

    KONIG aluminum doors also contribute to “pampering” the owner by creating open spaces, bringing a sense of spaciousness and comfort, and green details are cared for by the investor to create the most optimal beauty.

    Admire the beauty of the neoclassical villa Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien

    The design of the villa is harmoniously combined with contemporary green architecture, taking advantage of the combination of green and natural elements into the overall architecture. Take a look at the more detailed panoramic space of the neoclassical Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien villa with KONIG:

    The villa with large green gardens and a long, winding river

    Dark tones create a warm and quiet space

    Modern and luxurious living room space

    Aluminum profile bar helps to reduce the door load but still ensures the resistance to force, minimizes the transfer of hot heat inward and the loss of cold heat to the outside.

    KONIG aluminum doors overcome weaknesses such as: easy to warp, shrink, termites and rot over time of wood materials.

    Aluminum doors – interior products with a beautiful, slim design that can be easily combined with modern interiors, and at the same time friendly to nature.

    Bedroom interior space

    The curved dome is a decorative highlight

    Aluminum doors combined with furniture bring a more complete beauty to the neoclassical Vinhomes Riverside villa

    A sacred space of Buddhist culture in Vietnam

    KONIG aluminum doors help you create living space

    Classical beauty mixed with modern neoclassical architectural style has attracted many investors. If you are also a believer in neoclassical villas and are also cherishing a luxurious and safe living space with a solid and durable door system over time, please contact KONIG for  detailed consultation and quotation.

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