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    Tomodachi Retreat Jackfruit Village – Project in Son Tay Hanoi

    Tomodachi Retreat Jackfruit Village is a project consisting of many isolated villas that are hidden under the trees, down the stream of a lake that is both modern and simple, immersing in the terrain and vegetation. This is a project that KONIG participates in with 2 product lines: “HARVIA Sauna Equipment & Curtains”. 

    Tomodachi Retreat Jackfruit Village

    Tomodachi Retreat Jackfruit Village

    • The name of construction: Tomodachi Retreat Jackfruit Village
    • Address: Tram Lang village, Dong Dong commune, Son Tay town, Hanoi
    • Total area: 17,000m2
    • Total construction area: 1,598m2
    • Total number of rooms: 30 rooms
    • Investor: Mr. Tran Manh Hung
    • Lead architect: Hoang Thuc Hao
    • Design team: Le Dinh Hung, Do Minh Duc, Phung Ngoc Ha Ly, Duong Van Manh, Pham Hong Ngoc
    • Photographer: Hiroyuki Oki, 1+1>2
    • KONIG participates in the design and construction of the sauna and curtains 

    The undulating roof, brick wall – An idyllic resort space

    The Tomodachi Retreat Jackfruit Village project was built where the current landscape has diverse terrain with many perennial tree stumps that need to be kept. Therefore, the design poses the problem of minimizing interference with the natural ecosystem to retain trees, soil, and water as the main factors.

    Every space of Jackfruit Village has green trees and water surface 

    An idyllic resort space when the project is separated from the hustle and bustle of the city, is a place to relax and recharge for those who have ever set foot here. All ground floors are raised to ensure natural surface drainage, resist moisture and reduce carbon footprint. The extended leaf roof creates its own shadow for the building that effectively combines with the shade of the tree canopy.
    Jackfruit Village evokes a new rural model for Vietnamese villages, helping to promote local cultural quintessence in the context of the current urbanization of the village.

    Tomodachi Retreat Jackfruit Village won 6 national and international architecture awards

    Jackfruit Village project has won 6 domestic and international architectural awards, is a work that respects and promotes the value of the existing landscape, vegetation, and water surface, so the work has won many architectural awards in the world. national as well as international. Specifically:
    • First Prize in Green Architecture – Spec Go Green 2018
    • Green Building Award – Ashui Green Building of the Year 2019,
    • Futurarc Green Leadership Awards Singapore 2019 in Commercial Category
    • National Green Architecture Award 2020
    • American Green Good Design Award, one of the most important and oldest awards in the world in the field of green design
    • The International Architecture Award IAA Chicago 2020 is annually organized by the Chicago
    • Museum of Architecture and Design (USA) in collaboration with the European Center for Architecture, Art and Urban Design.


    Jackfruit Village has won many domestic and international architectural awards

    HARVIA sauna and steam room solutions enhance relaxation moments

    KONIG is honored to be selected by the Investor as the partner to design and supply HARVIA sauna equipment for the Spa area, contributing to the combination of materials and modern technology to create a new project in terms of architectural form but still friendly and sustainable with the environment.

    HARVIA Legend sauna machine is used for sauna room

    HARVIA Legend is a story of authenticity and enduring quality, also a masterpiece of craftsmanship by the master blacksmiths at HARVIA. The vaporizer has an enameled steel frame, which can hold a large amount of ice, creating excellent steam even in a large sauna when heated. 

    Blending into the overall project, the relaxing space in the sauna is also made of unburnt terracotta brick walls, each room is an interesting experience. 

    KONIG curtains contribute to the lightness of Tomodachi Retreat Jackfruit Village 

    KONIG curtains contribute to creating an idyllic and friendly resort space for visitors 

    All materials to make KONIG curtains are imported and designed according to the investor’s idea. Thanks to that, KONIG adds beauty to this wonderful picture. 

    A corner of peaceful space at Tomodachi Retreat Jackfruit Village 

    Jackfruit Village is considered as a project with bold indigenous character, exploiting and making use of natural elements in a smart way. Office of Architecture 1+2>2 Architects has brought a work of art that not only highlights the image of the Vietnamese countryside but also presents novel architectural solutions.

    Hung Long Trading and Service Joint Stock Company (KONIG) would like to thank the investor for trusting and giving KONIG the opportunity to contribute a small part of the remarkable project.

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